• Jay Y.
    You have taught us how to build trusting relationships with clients and given us the skills to approach prospects with confidence and effectiveness.
    Jay Y.
    Janney Montgomery Scott
  • Geoff N.
    Bill’s brand of “educomedy” is unequalled. His ideas and strategies on body language and personal power are logical, practical, and applicable.
    Geoff N.
    IVY Investments
  • Chris D.
    Bill is a dynamic, engaging speaker who brought an amazing level of energy to our conference . . . His examples were specific to our industry and, at the end, they gave him a standing ovation.
    Chris D.
    Ro Morrison & Associates
  • Michael B.
    During your presentation I was replaying the meetings I’ve had with clients and thinking about all the things I missed because I was focused on what they were saying instead of what they were trying to say.
    Michael B.
    Merrill Lynch
  • Eileen G.
    Eileen G.
  • Jim M.
    He really does pack a three-hour seminar into one-hour presentation!
    Jim M.
  • Kurt B.
    There are two things I love about your work: one, you never ‘undo’ any of our training and two, you never disappoint. Great job.
    Kurt B.
    Merrill Lynch
  • Lisa P.
    You were the star performer at our conference. One speaker always rises above the rest at a conference and you, sir, were that person.
    Lisa P.
    Morgan Stanley
  • Beth K.
    Outstanding – a wonderful mix of information and energy.
    Beth K.
  • Richard C.
    Focused. Pertinent. Professional.
    Richard C.
  • Paul C
    This information is so powerful, you will find yourself using it before you leave the room.
    Paul C
    Hartford Funds
  • Bill F.
    He commands your attention in the first few seconds of his talk . . . and he never lets go!
    Bill F.